Saturday, April 12, 2014

To the Happy Few

In addressing my readers, I hope you are happy, but I know you are few.

I know that when I check in on those blogs I enjoy, I am often perturbed when more than a few days goes by without a post.  As lag times increase, so also my own checking in become less frequesnt.  For that reason I understand that my waiting months and months between posts discourages those who might share some common interests.

So, I am going to try to put something up at least every few weeks.  If it starts to look like "filler," please let me know, and I'll return to the previous practice of occasional Delphic outbursts.


William R. MacKaye said...

Hi. I just read backward from your most recent post to this vow to comment more frequently. I salute you for actually doing so, and am delighted particularly by your thoughts about and approach to Finnegans Wake--skip the commentaries and just read the durn thing, three or four pages a day in the morning. As to The Valley of Fear, which I haven't looked in decades, I remember it, perhaps inaccurately, as among other things an attack on Mormonism. Did I make that up?

rick allen said...

I think it was "A Study in Scarlet" that has the Mormon flashback. Doyle seemed to have had an odd vision of America as a land of strange societies, and England as a haven from foreign vendettas. I remember one other story, "Five Orange Pips," about a mysterious warning from America signed "K.K.K."

Thanks for your kind words